Drill Team Guidelines

Drill Team Guidelines for the 2017-18 Season

Ms. Bishop-Coach: 360-396-3427 jbishop@nkschools.org

Ms. Stewart – Coach: 360-396-3479 dstewart@nkschools.org

Mrs. Lacey- Athletic Secretary 360-396-3405 blacey@nkschools.org



·        A completed ‘SPORTS PACKET’ is required before attending the first Drill Team

Practice (October 24th).  Please turn the packet into the main office.

The Packet contains:

  • Registration 
  • Current Physical
  • Participation Fee 
  • Concussion and Sudden Cardiac arrest Awareness
  • Sports Specific Safety Guidelines
  • Proof of Insurance/Emergency information  
  • Academically eligible 
  • Purchase an ASB card $15.00 current school year 
  • No outstanding fines or fees 

 You must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the NKSD Student Athlete Handbook

Filled out eligibility slips are required on Tuesdays.

All forms must be on file with KMS Office before allowed to practice. 

 ·     KMS Drill Team members are expected to exhibit Respect, Positive Attitude and Involvement in teamwork.  The qualities and responsibilities described in the KMS Student Handbook apply to Drill Team members during practice and performance.


·        All practices are required.

·        Practice will begin at 2:45. This means that you must be dressed and in the practice area by  2:45.

·        If you are absent, bring a signed note from a parent when you return.

·        Excessive absences/tardiness will result in not being able to perform or losing your  performance placement in the formation. 

·        If you begin to feel ill during practice, with permission you may sit quietly and watch the  team. You may not leave the practice area or sit and chitchat with others or have electronic devices out.  If you are continually unable to practice or dress-out, you will be encouraged to find another after school activity.

·        You must participate in all practice activities. If you are not able to run laps, do sit-ups, push- ups day after day you should reconsider your involvement in Drill Team.

·        Practice clothes:  Think of it like PE class- wear appropriate workout clothes such as athletic shoes with shoe strings tied securely, t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, leggings, and sweats.  NOT appropriate clothing includes: jeans, spaghetti-strap tank tops and bare feet. Coaches reserve the right to deem any other type of clothing not listed here inappropriate.

·        Hair pulled back and secured so that it does not fall into your face.

·        Healthy snacks may be eaten in the designated area before practice. They may not be consumed on the practice floor.  Drinks in bottled containers are permitted, but may only be consumed with the permission of a coach (during breaks). Trash and recycle bins are available in the hallway, please use them so you are considerate to others.

·        The locker room will be locked during practices. You must leave all of your belongings in the locker room. Do not bring backpacks to practice. However, if    you need to leave practice early, bring your backpack to the practice area and notify a coach at the beginning of practice.

·        Leave all cell phones in your backpack or locked up during practice.

·        Practice will end at 5:00 pm and locker room closed at 5:10. Parents please pick up your child by 5:10 pm as coaches have other obligations and will not be able to wait with team members.


·        Skirts, shells and lettering may be borrowed from the team supply. There are a limited number of skirts and shells in each size.

·        If you borrow uniform items, you will need to sign them out with a coach.
At the end of the season. please put your uniform in a paper bag with your name clearly on it. Please hand it to a coach after the last drill down at our banquet on December 16th.

Game Days

To show school spirit and support for the basketball team, wear your uniform on home game dates. Hint: set out your uniform the night before each performance, be sure you have everthing- especially your socks and hair screamers. 

·        You must report to the commons or auxiliary gym by 2:45.

·       You must wear the appropriate uniform in order to perform. Hint: set out your uniform the night before each performance, be sure you have everything.

·        For performances: hair must be pulled back from the face and secured so that it does not fall in your face during the performance. You should not have to stop performing in order to fix your hair!

·        All earrings, nose rings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces must be removed before each performance. Coaches are not responsible for the safety of these items, even if you ask us to hold something. Hint: do not wear a lot of jewelry on performance days.

·        Remove all fingernail polish.

·        Drill Team will perform at all home Boys’ Varsity basketball games typically at 3:30. There isn’t practice after performances. Following the performance, we encourage members to watch the game or go home. Students are not permitted to wander through school unsupervised.


The Kingston Middle School Drill Team is a non-cut team sport. Any student who meets the eligibility requirements and uniform requirements may participate even if you are not selected for the Varsity Pep Assembly Squad.

           Varsity Assembly Performance Squad: This squad will be a select team and will perform at the KMS Pep Assembly before the entire student body. Due to space limitation in the gymnasium, this Varsity Pep Squad will be limited to between 16 and 20 members.   Try outs for Varsity Pep is on Thursday, November 5th.

            Co-captains will be selected by team members on November 5th as well. 





I, ___________________________________, have read the Drill Team Guidelines and understand them.


Student signature: ____________________________________Date: ______________


     Please print your name: ___________________________________


I have reviewed and discussed the Drill Team Guidelines with my child.


Guardian(s) signature: _________________________________ Date: ______________


Please print your name      _________________________________


Phone number                   __________________________________


Cell number                      __________________________________


Email address                  __________________________________


Core Extension Teacher  _________________________________


These signatures are due Tuesday,October 31st 2017