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Salute-hello! Comment Ça va? How are you? Como say va Tu t’appelles comment?         What’s your name? Je m’apple _____. Je mapell                 My name is ____. En chante  Nice to meet you on shontay Ça   (this/that) S’il vous plait=please sea voo play Je  =me Vous = you voo Merci beaucoup. Mare C       Thanks a lot Choose five of these number words un = one         six=six cease deux=two      sept=seven trois=three    huit=eight wheat quatre=four   neuf=nine nough like ending of enough cinq=five        dix=ten dease Bonjour     Au revior or of wha   On Monday, we are pretending to go to a café.  Here are some of those words: Je voudrai = I would like je voo dray Qu’est ce que = what do you case coo Recommander =recommend Plat=dish of food/plate
Posted by DStewart  On Sep 14, 2019 at 12:57 PM
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