General Classroom Expectations



Classroom Expectations

Here’s how we learn and let learn


Prompt       I am sitting in my group as the bell rings with my homework and class

                        work ready for check off.  I am working on the daily bell work.

 Prepared    I have all my materials, pen, pencil, paper, binder and text book and am ready to learn.

  Polite        I show respect with my face, voice and words to my classmates and my teacher.  I put all my trash in the trash and recycle bin. I stay on task and allow others to learn. 

Classroom Procedures


Sharpening Pencil:

At an appropriate time, when I am not instructing, you can sharpen your pencil and quickly return to your seat.

You forgot something:

Quietly ask someone to borrow what you need.  If you forgot your binder you can use a separate piece of paper and add it into the appropriate section later.


Follow school expectations.

At the end of Class:

Clean up your area and write down your homework from the board at the front of the room.


To receive full credit, you must do your work in pencil, correct it in pen, and show all your work.

Homework should be turned in on time and late work will receive reduced credit.

Make – Up Work:

You have one day for every day you miss to complete homework.  It is your responsibility to find out what it was, by checking the board, asking a friend, or checking the web site.




When expectations aren’t followed this is what happens….


Personal Check:  Is this a one-time incident?  Do you just need a reminder of the correct way to conduct yourself or is this the time to learn the correct way?


Immediate Solution-based Conference:  We will conference during class or after class about some solutions.


Parent phone call or conference:  I will contact your parents and let them know that you require some practice time or reminders about your responsibilities in this class.


Team Solution-based Conference:  We will meet with your teachers and parents to figure out the best way to support you in being successful at school.




Daily Routine


Entry Activity:  Take out homework and previous day’s class work and open them for me to check.  A math problem (based on the current unit) may be displayed with a projection device or on the board and you are expected to be working on this while I check off your homework and class work.


Correct Homework:  Homework should be done in pencil and corrected with a colored pen.  I will display the answers and different students will show the class how they got their answers. Homework should be filed in your folder in the classroom.


Class work:  I will introduce/teach the next lesson and in your groups you will be working together to come up with solutions.  It is important to write down all the ideas you came up with, everyone in the group is responsible for writing down their own solutions but can use the group to discuss what might be a reasonable answer.


Summary:  We will discuss the answers and different groups will present how they got their solutions. This is a time to correct any misunderstanding and write any other notes that may help you solve these types of problems in the future. Some tests and quizzes will allow the use of notes so it is important to do a good job on this.


Dismissal:  Copy down homework from the board. Remain by your seat until the bell rings!



We will be using our new math program again this year (This is our fifth school year with this program and it is working great). The latest word is that students will not have their own textbooks for use at home. A set will be provided for classroom use and books may occasionally be borrowed from the library if necessary. Students will be fined for lost or damaged books. The entire textbook is available on-line so students with internet access have no need to take a book home. In cases where their is not easy home-access to a computer, a limited number of students may check-out a book to keep at home all year and there will be no need for them to take it to and from school each day.






90+   A

80+   B

70+   C

60+   D

59 and below  F

Homework, Class work  20%

Tests Quizzes  80%

Important Please Read
New policies now require all Algebra and Geometry grades to be automatically placed on  a student's high school transcript. This used to be optional but it is now mandatory and will affect the grade point average earned in high school.