Classroom Expectations


Warm-Up:  We will start each day with a warm-up that should take a few minutes.  

Class work:  Problems in our chapters/units will be done in our notebooks as we work towards meeting our learning targets.  There will be opportunities to work as an entire class, collaboratively with partner(s), and individually.  There will be regular assessments that measure progress in meeting the current learning targets.  

Homework:  Homework will be given virtually every night throughout each unit.

Grading:  You will earn an overall grade that is based on both assessments and participation.  Assessments (tests, quizzes and reflections) will count for 70% of your overall grade and Participation (warm-ups, class work and homework) will count for 30%.

YOU FORGOT SOMETHING: Think of a solution!
Pencil/Pen: Borrow one from a neighbor or from team supply
Notebook: You can use a separate sheet of paper and follow along with the class. Be sure to place it in the appropriate section of your notebook later.

BATHROOM/GETTING A DRINK: It is best to use the restroom/get a drink during passing time. You may ask me at an appropriate time if there is an emergency. Be sure to take your pass.

HOMEWORK: To receive credit, you must do your work in pencil, correct it in pen, and show all your work. Homework is expected to be turned in on time.

MAKE-UP WORK: You have 1 day for every day you miss to complete homework.  It is your responsibility to write down missing work by either looking on the board, reading my web page, or asking a friend.  When necessary see me for worksheets or to schedule make-up test/quizzes.

To access my web page take the following steps:
Go to
Choose KINGSTON MIDDLE SCHOOL from menu of schools
Click on my name FULTON, GREG

How to demonstrate ART of being a Cav in Math class:

In your seat working before bell rings
Ask questions 
Have a positive attitude
Think of solutions to everyday problems
Check my website when you are absent
Show up every day
Bring all materials to class every day
Complete all work to best of your ability
Listen and respond to instruction
Organize your work
Use words “please” and “thank you”
Show respect with your face, voice, and words

Mr. Fulton