World Language 2019-2020

Italian language!  Began 9/30.   With your parent's permission, go on line and learn to count to at least twenty!    A link to learning numbers

Know the capital, the two countries within Italy, all the borders and the two big islands. Link to a Map of Italy!!

9/30-10/03 Should be in the planner:

Verb:  Piacere

Ti piace ____? Do you like this one thing?

Ti piacciono _____?(Do you like these things?

Mi piace=I like (this one thing)

Mi piacciono = I like (these things/plural)

Cioccolata = chocolate

Mi Chiamo (me-kee-amo)

My name is….

Per favore-Please!

Grazie-Thank you!

Prego-you’re welcome

Molto bene-very good

 Hello/Goodbye informal= Ciao  (chow)

Good morning = boun giorno

Good evening = buona sera

Good night = buona notte

- -- - Both classes improved from Quiz to the Final!  Way to go!  FRENCH LANGUAGE 

The classes and I agreed to postpone the test until this coming Friday, 9/27.  Everything from the last quiz will be on it.  

Capital is Paris.  
Paris has two big architectural features what are their names? 
What does the flag look like?  
What are three countries that border France?

new Vocabulary 

Ca va=how are you shortened 

Tres bien= very good!        Pas mal= so so

Et toi and you?       Bon appetite!= enjoy your meal   Pardon= excuse me

know five numbers between 11-20 

For the overachievers, know these:  

Je ne comprends pas= I don't understand.
Ou sant les toilette= where's the toilette?

    Specifics for quiz on 9-18-19

know five not in order from #1-10

Je’  me  or Je’ suis  I am

Je voudrai  I would like OR  Je m’apple I am called


S’il vous plait if you please

Boire to drink

Manager to eat

Que what

Voila here it is

Bonsoir good evening

Salute hello


Comment ca va how are you

Tu t’apple comment? What’s your name

En chante’ nice to meet you

Merci beaucoup thank you very much

Petit restaurant
dialogue/ Short dialogue alternative

Serveur/Serveuse ( waiter/waitress) :

Bonjour Madame/Monsieur, (Hello Madame-female/Monsieur-male

Je suis votre serveur/Serveuse aujourd’hui, je m’appelle _____________. I am your serveur(male)/serveuse (female) today, I call myself..____

Que voulez vous manger What would you like to eat?


 Client( customer) :

Bonjour__________, je voudrai ___ poisson, et 

un/1 biscuit,       une madeleine,               un palmier ( choose one)

s’il vous plait.

Hello ____, I would like ____ fish and

One biscuit  one Madeleine  one palmier


Serveur/serveuse :

Et que voulez vous boire Madame/Monsieur ?

What would you like to drink Madame/Monsieur?


Client :

Je voudrai du perrier s’il vous plait. Merci

I would like some perrier, please. Thank you.


Serveur/serveuse : Voila Madame/Monsieur  Here it is!


Comment Ça va? How are you? Como say va

Tu t’appelles comment?

        What’s your name?

Je m’apple _____. Je mapell

                My name is ____.

En chante  Nice to meet you on shontay

Ça   (this/that)

S’il vous plait=please sea voo play

Je  =me

Vous = you voo

Merci beaucoup. Mare C

      Thanks a lot


un = one         six=six cease

deux=two      sept=seven

trois=three    huit=eight wheat

quatre=four   neuf=nine nough like ending of enough

cinq=five        dix=ten dease

Bonjour     Au revior or of wha


On Monday, we are pretending to go to a café.  Here are some of those words:

  • Je voudrai = I would like je voo dray
  • Qu’est ce que = what do you case coo
  • Recommander =recommend
  • Plat=dish of food/plate