Pre-Engineering I Syllabus

Pre- Engineering I Syllabus


Mr. Coffman 360-396-3478



               Tech Ed/Pre-Engineering is a semester class designed to explore engineering using math, science and problem solving. Students will be introduced to basic design and engineering skills.



  • Attend class daily!
  • Come prepared to learn!
  • Do your absolute BEST job!
  • Be Respectful to all individuals.
  • Be in your assigned seat at the beginning of the period.
  • Students are NOT allowed in the Tech Room without a teacher present.
  • Do your part to keep the room clean. Do not write on desks or leave paper or garbage on the floor.
  • You are expected to follow the NKSD Technology Code of Conduct outlined in the Electronic Information System Acceptable Use Policy Release form. Violators may lose the right to use computers at the district’s discretion. Always log on using your own name and log off by returning to the student sign in screen.




Learning Targets

               Each day we will have a learning target for example, “I can explain the two uses of a pulley” or “ I can use measurement to make something with an accuracy of 1/16”.  These learning targets will be in a notebook along with all other work from this class and will be kept on a shelf in the classroom.


Required Supplies

  • Good pencil
  • Good eraser
  • Ruler with metric and standard to 1/16”



               Most projects are done in class, with a few exceptions.  Since there is no regular homework I do not have an email distribution list.  If you want to contact me about a specific issue or assignment see my contact information below.


Late Work

 Late assignments up to 2 days late will be graded and then marked down no more than one letter grade. Completed assignments handed in after 2 days will be given zero in the grade book. All late work must be labeled LATE.


Absent Work


Make-up work will be the student’s responsibility when s/he returns from an absence. You will need to contact the teacher to determine what work needs to be made up. In the case of an excused absence, the work must be completed and returned to the teacher within one week after assigned. All absent work must be labeled ABSENT and given to the teacher.









Grades will be computed using the following approximate weights:


  • Assignments – 16.67 %
  • Notebooks – 16.67 %
  • Discussions – 16.67 %
  • Safe Craftsmanship – 16.67 %
  • Technical Abilities – 16.67 %
  • Resources – 16.67 %


Course Outline


Welcome & Orientation


Technology Report

  • Research Technology
  • Make a power point presentation
  • Present the power point presentation


Intro to sketching

  • Lines
  • Thumbnail
  • Oblique
  • Isometric
  • 1 point perspective
  • 2 point perspective
  • Orthographic Projection



  • Standard
  • Metric


Rhino Drawing

  • Coordinate systems and descriptive geometry
  • Basic Commands
  • Designing & making stickers
  • Air car design
  • Laser Projects
  • 3D Printer Projects


Magic of Electrons

  • Conductivity Lab.
  • Resistor Lab
  • DC motor Construction
  • Magnetic Levitation Vehicle



  • General Shop Safety
  • Hand Tools
  • Portable power machines
  • Drill Press