At Kingston Middle School our goal is to provide a safe leaning environment using  progressive discipline. (see attached)
Kingston Middle School - Degrees of Discipline.docx

We want to promote in all students a sense of their civic rights, and also their responsibilities. The conduct of one student should not impair the rights or opportunities of other students. The Board of Directors has adopted policies related to student conduct which are published in our student planner on pages 9 - 16. (See attached).

Additional information is available on the North Kitsap School District Web site. 

Occasionally students behavior create problems for themselves or others. When this occurs a number of different behavioral teaching strategies and / or discipline may be applied including, but not limited to:
* Phone calls/ e-mails home to parents
* Parent / Teacher  Conferences
* Parent / Administration Conferences
* Lunch Detention
* Planner Sign-off
* "Flipped" Discipline
* Diversion Class
* In-School- Suspension
* Out-of-School Suspension