"Flipped" Discipline

“Flipped Discipline” is an alternative form of discipline an administrator may assign a student for level III and IV behaviors.

The goal is to decrease the amount of time a student spends outside their classroom and increase positive behavior in the future. Activities assigned, related to the behavior that created the problem for the student, are completed in cooperation with a parent / guardian outside of school.

These activities give students an opportunity to identify the problem behavior, reflect on the consequences, and identify positive alternatives to the behavior. Activities may include community service or restitution. When the activities are completed the student and administrator will meet to develop a plan for the future. If activities are not completed by the assigned date additional consequences may be allocated.

If you have been assigned a "Flipped Discipline" please click on the appropriate activity, complete the assignment, print, and return to your administrator by the assigned date. 

Flipped Discipline - Language - web form.pdf