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7th and 8th grade link to second semester newsletter and homework is above.  
Homework is due December 13th. 

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For those of you not able to open the link, here are the CHOICES of homework assignments, due October 23, 2019.  


    It’s worth 60 pointsPlease CHOOSE ONE and spend 40 quality minutes on it.

A)     Artists are often advocates for causes/problems in the world around them.  What do you think needs attention?  Make a piece of art about it.  Please be considerate in your topic and photos, if you use them.  Use good taste when doing this.  Make a poster. 

B)   INKTOBER:  Drawings the size of your sketchbook in class that responds to the official list. Inktober assignments.  Respond to five of the days, just show it to me to post it up on the wall at school, you don’t need to post it on line.

 C)       Make a collage on a theme of your choice.  A collage is a piece of paper covered in cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, without white spaces showing.  Consider the color wheel or the elements of art found in pictures! Funny faces or surrealistic scenes.

 D)   “Rocktober” – Make a poster that uses lyrics of a favorite song by one of your favorite artists.  Pay attention to font that you hand write, no computer printed work unless it’s pictures of the artist you want to add.  Must include a drawing by you.

E)   Make a DETAILED drawing that you have first practiced sketching.  You turn in both the “study sketch” & the final, vastly improved drawing that you might consider framing.

F)    Free choice that was cleared with the teacher:  carving/Inktober/make a costume, etc…

Please note that this homework should be something you’ve spent about 40 minutes to an hour on.

What you always need to know on tests and quizzes find the side bar that links you to information on Elements of Art, Principles of Design and Color Theory. 

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"COLORS of PEACE" POSTERS from Spring 2019-  
If your child had a "Colors of Peace" poster in our main hall, they were displayed the weekend of September 21 at Seattle Center and in ROME, ITALY!

Here's a memo from an email I received.   

On September 21-22 the Seattle Center will be hosting a Seattle Children’s Festival.  As part of that event, we will be hanging the artwork created by the students at the Seattle Center.  It will be hung outside of the Armory and also inside of the Fisher Pavilion.  We will also have an exhibit space again where the young people of all ages can create art expressing what peace means to them.... this is the homework part-go to the booth and make art...or take pictures of 5 things during this festival this weekend). 

Here’s a link to the info on the festival:

The opening ceremony for Colors of Peace starts at 10am on Saturday, September 21st in the Seattle Center Armory Building.  It will include music with a special appearance by Pastor Patrinell Wright, creator of the Total Experience Gospel Choir and many special surprises. The event will conclude with a special Parade of Nations and Peace Walk from the Armory Building to the exhibit located in and around the Fisher Pavilion.  We would love for you to join in!


“Colors” is inspired by UN Resolution A/RES/36/67, encouraging public events to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21st.  Peace Run Italy started “Colors” in 2017 with an exhibit around the Coliseum in Rome.  It includes kids work from over 40 countries with over 7000 pieces.


Seattle joined Colors of Peace this year with its first exhibit at NW Folklife and the first in the world outside of Rome. The current exhibit here in Seattle on September 21st coincides with the annual event in Rome.  Original artwork from Seattle and Kingston area schools joined the Roman collection and become a part of their permanent collection.  Copies will be on display here.  An art booth will be set up in the Fisher Pavilion from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday so kids can create art for peace.  Sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Oneness Home Peace Run,

PEACE POLE CEREMONY took place September 28, 2019.