About Me
 About Me
"So be sure when you step, step with great care and great tact and remember that life's
a great balance act.  Be sure to be dextrous and deft and never mix up your right foot with your left....And you will succeed. Yes you will indeed.  98 3/4 percent guaranteed...Kid You'll Move Mountains!"  -- Dr. Suess
My name is Tawnee Quanah Weisgarber.  I am almost 1/2 Native American and my name means Fragrance of the Mountains.  I was born in Lexington Park, Maryland on my grandparents anniversary and also on the day of the second explosion of Mount Saint Helens.  I have a Bachelor's in Child Development from Western Washington University with a teaching certificate in K-8.  I have my Master's in Reading in content areas from Walden University in the Middle grades.  I have my Pro Certification from PLU and I have my National Board Certification in Reading in Middle through High School.  I am currently pursuing my doctorate in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment through Walden University. I am also a WEB coordinator for the building and love running the program with all these amazing kiddos! I have two children Kara and Joseph and my husband which are the lights of my life.  I have 6, yes you heard me right, dogs.  A black lab named Oliver Charles Winston Weisgarber, a Havanese named Bug, a Corgi named Birdie Boy, a miniature Blue Heeler named Blu, an 8 month old St. Bernard (85lbs currently) named Odysseus, and a 5 month old Corgi named Banana Nut Bread "Nana". I enjoy reading, swimming, travelling, acting silly, and smiling because smiling's my favorite!
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