Home sick? Sneezing? Stuck on vacation?

Home sick


What to do when you

can't be in school?

Get rest, get well, or get home so you can get here.  We miss you and school isn't the same.
Here are some ideas to help you keep from falling behind:
1.  Look at your notebook.  You can use your time make sure it is organized and all of your past "Daily Thoughts" are complete.  You can always add more (maybe we are grading them now while you're stuck at home?) Copy Whiteboard Notes from "Science Notebook Page"
2.  Complete a "Daily Thought" for each class day you are not in school.  Watch a science channel on TV and learn about a new topic.  Research online about our current area of study -you can use your new learning when you return.
3.  Look at the student sheets for the current book lesson.  You may not be able to complete the lab work at home, but you can at least add some of the information to your notebook.  If we are working with "magma" at school, you can research "magma" at home and come back to school more prepared. You can also review previous study guides to help prepare for the upcoming test.  

4.  Check for new "Target Practice."  Did the class do some target practice without you? 

5.  Follow the Links.  Follow the links pages on my website to access more information about what we are doing in class that day AND research the topic on your own

6.  Call your STUDY BUDDY!  Lab work is really hard to make up when missed.  Get together  (phone/email/text) with a classroom friend who will share the activity and notes. 
7. Check your grades online.   Are you missing any work?  What can you do to improve your current grades?
**8.** If you are gone for an extended period of time, please make prior arrangements with the office and your teacher.  Science is a VERY hard class to miss as I cannot send lab materials home.  Take some initiative and create a project that may be related to our classwork.  If you show the teacher you care about learning, even Mr. Jez could be impressed.  Stuck in Hawaii?  How about a three page report on volcanoes?  Stuck at home, how about a scientific report on runny noses?