Aujla, Bindi

Hello I am

Bindi Aujla

A little about me. I received my Master’s in Education-Leadership from Grand Canyon University and my Bachelors from Simon Fraser University, Canada. I completed my K-8 certification at Western Washington University at Bellingham and have been teaching for the past 18 years with North Kitsap School District. My hobbies include hiking, travelling, reading, and being active with my family.

The textbook website address is and can be accessed by following the log in instructions. 

A student's username is the letters NK.student id number. 
A student's password is CAPITAL Initial of First Name, Capital Initial of Last Name, and student id number. 

Example:        Student Name:    Bindi Aujla      Student ID: 1234567

                      Username:   NK.1234567
                      Password:    BA1234567

My sincere hope is that students gain confidence in their ability to learn new things.  As learners, we tend to be uncomfortable in early stages of mastering any new concepts however with persistence we can master all concepts.

Bindi Aujla