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A goal of mine:  start adding art everywhere in the school because look: Art everywhere in a school INSPIRATION

These ceramic figures amaze me!!

ART CAREERS!! Curators.....etc....

Ever wonder what a CURATOR in an art museum does?  Check out this website for all sorts of Art related jobs!

Drawing Now:

Learn to draw 3-D, Manga, and all sorts of things.  Beginning drawing lessons!

Realistic Drawing ideas

   We've been studying how artists draw.  There are many different ways and styles of drawing.  Most students at this age (middle school) want to make things look realistic.  This website is VERY good at explaining techniques that I've been talking about in class.

Drawing landscapes/river beds
Click here for riverbeds

The Art Story

An INCREDIBLE site that explains everything you could possibly want to know about Artists and Art Movements!

Elements of Art and Principles of Design explained easily

Ask Art

8th graders/another resource for your artist report!

POETRY TEEN INK---contests....

Compare your home with the world on this site.

7th grade math practice!

For the coil vessels, students have been asked to find the volume of a cylinder.  I found a school that has an outstanding website that explains math concepts in easy to understand language and they use pictures.

Artsonia! Go vote for a piece of art that you like!

A great resource from which to get ideas!


Want to learn more about Ceramics, this site is one resource I use for students to read about pottery in my ceramic classes.  There are a lot of different artists and styles.  Have an amazing time learning more about ceramic art!

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