About Me

Who:  Diane StewART
What:  Middle School Art/Ceramics/World Language/Drama (can you say dream job?!)
Where: KMS
When:  School hours/teaching art for 19 years/in NKSD for 28 years
Why: I believe that Art really does save lives! 
National Board Certified Teacher  2016

Teaching Through the Creative Arts/Master's Degree/Leslie College
Social Studies & Elementary Ed/Bachelors Degree/WSU...go Cougs!
Sociology w/ minor in Criminology/Bachelors Degree/WSU
National Coalition for Teaching about Asia/Summer 2008 teacher study trip to Japan and South Korea.  Thanks to the Freeman Foundation and the East Asia Study Center at UofW!
2018 Awarded scholarship to attend Art and Politics Class through Jackson School at UofW

North Kitsap:  Art teachers received a grant to go to the National Art Education                                        Association's Conference in Chicago, 2016.  THANK YOU AGAIN!
I am an avid traveler on a quest to see as many art museums, beaches, mountains, concerts, and roller coaster parks that I can before I am 85. So far, choosing my favorite art museum is a tough call...between the Borghese, in Rome, Italy, Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain, AGO in Toronto, Canada and Salvadore Dali's House in Spain.  Then, of course there's Seattle Art Museum, Bainbridge Art Museum and Seattle's FRYE museum! 

Favorite spot in the world: Cape Flattery and walking Shi Shi and La Push beaches
Biggest physical feat:  Canoe Journey on and off for 7 years
Past times: Yoga, concerts, poetry and hanging out with family
Ask me about:  European and Asian travels-so far, my countries visited are up to 26!
Music, music, music:  Stop me and ask, what song's in your head now and I will tell you.  Bowie, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Rush, David Gilmour, Annie Lennox,  Earth Wind & Fire-hands down desert island catalogue. 

One thing I highly recommend:   Volunteering in Spain.  Three times I've volunteered in a program that helps Spaniards speak conversational English.  It's an ABSOLUTE BLAST for me, and I hope to go back there again and again.  The program's website explains more and I highly recommend the program:  Pueblo Ingles...they actually have a teenager program so that parents can volunteer at the same time their child does, just at different venues.  http://www.diverbo.com/.  Click on Volunteers. 
Last Modified on March 11, 2017