Vocabulary words


Solve the problem

2.     Prime Numbers

Numbers with exactly 2 factors

Example: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11,13 ….

3.     Composite Numbers

Numbers with more than 2 factors

Example: 4, 8, 9,10,12….

4.     ratio

Comparing same units

Example: Scoring 7 out of 17 points

5.     Rate

Comparing two different units

Example: reading 15 pages in 10 minutes

6.     Proportion

Two equivalent ratios


7.     Unit Rate

Comparing one thing for a certain number of another thing

Example: 50 words per (1) minute

8.     Fraction

Part of a whole


9.     Decimal

Part of a whole

Example: 0.22

10.                         percent

Out of 100

Example: 13 out of 100

11.                         simplify

Solve the problem to the smallest digist

12.                         reciprocal

Number pairs that have a product of 1

Example: switch the numerator and the denominator

13.                        Ordered pair

a pair of numbers that give the coordinates of a point on a grid

Example: (3,5)

14.                         Linear equation

An equation whose graph is a straight line

15.                         Independent variable

Affects the outcome of the dependent variable

16.                         Dependent variable

Does not affect  the independent variable

17.                         Rate of change

A ratio that compares the differences between two output values

18.                         Term

Parts that make up an expression

 Example: 6x + 2 (has two terms)

19.                         Coefficient

The number at the front of a variable in an algebraic expression

Example : 5b (5 is a coefficient)

20.                         Equivalent Expressions

Expressions that have the same value

Example: 4x + 5x is the same as 9x

21.                         Positive numbers

Number greater than 0

Example: 1,2,3,4,….

22.                         Negative Numbers

Number less than 0

Example: -1,-2,-3,….

23.                        Coordinate plane

A plane formed by the intersection of x and y axis

24.                         Axes

Two lines that intersect

25.                         X-axis

Horizontal line of a graph

26.                         Y-axis

Vertical line of a graph

27.                         Quadrant

4 quadrant separated by the x and y axis

28.                         Origin

The center point