Jacqueline Finckler


 Hello! I am the assistant principal at Kingston Middle School.  This is my seventh year at KMS and I am happy to be part of such a great educational community. 
This summer I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Italy! Part of my trip was spent biking, for six days, through the Dolomite Mountains. Yes, they were high and it was very challenging. But, with a little determination I made it!

The mission of Kingston Middle School is to provide an environment that builds academically life-long learners who act with integrity and respect diversity. To help attain our school’s mission I know that it will be important in my role to contribute in ways that promote every student, educator, parent/guardian, and community member feeling safe and welcomed at KMS.  I invite you to come in and introduce yourself when your in the building and share your ideas.

September is Attendance Awareness Month!
Did you know that missing just two days a month can have a significant impact on student success? We are looking forward to the students returning and being in class every day! Besides, the halls get a little quiet around here without them! 

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Hope to see you soon,

Jackie Finckler

You may contact me at:
(360) - 396-3404