Summer Learning Opportunities

Free Summer Learning Opportunities
for KMS Students

Students have been working hard all year to build skills.

We have two ways for them to keep up those skills over the summer!


Math Whizz—the online math tutor that students have been working with all year—is available during the summer. Students just need to log on with the same user ID and password that they used at school. We recommend students use it for 60 minutes each week—20 minutes a day/3 days a week—to help them continue to build math skills over the summer. Student Geometry Computer.png

Math-Whizz provides your child with personalized lessons catering to their unique ability and continues to adapt itself based on your child's progress. It has shown to significantly improve children's math ability and confidence, particularly when used in the recommended way.

Handy Hints for Summer Use: 

ã Experience has shown that long term success with Math-Whizz is increased by making it part of a student's weekly routine.

ã Your child has a unique username and password which will permit them to log into Math-Whizz

ã Students should go to and login at top right.

ã Students will receive lessons targeted to their ability so it is just right for them. Sometimes they will receive the same lessons more than once. That is ok and intentional as the virtual tutor feels they need reinforcement before moving forward in that particular topic. Students will also receive tests periodically to imbed concepts they have covered in the animations.

ã The key to getting the best results for your child from Math-Whizz is to use the Math-Whizz tutor regularly in short bursts on an ongoing basis. Two to three sessions of 20 to 30 minutes per week is ideal.

Students who use Math-Whizz in this way get better at Math. It's that simple

Monitor your child's usage and share with them their progress by logging into your parent account to see progress reports.

English/Language Arts

Newsela—the online non-fiction reading program that many KMS students have used in their English, Social Studies, or Science classes—is available during the summer. Any student can set up an account, even if they didn’t have one during the school year. We recommend that students read, take quizzes, and freewrite on 2 articles each week to help them continue to build reading skills and vocabulary over the summer. Iphone .png

Newsela’s Summer Reading Clubs are an easy way to encourage students to read during the summer, keeping their reading skills sharp and exploring topics that interest them. Students who join a Summer Reading Club will receive ten assigned articles about the club topic, along with Write Prompts asking them to freewrite about the topic.

*All articles assigned to the History Club and Animals Club will also be available in Spanish.

Guidelines for Accessing Newsela:

ã Students without Newsela accounts can create accounts by going to and clicking “Join.”

ã Join one or more of the Newsela Summer Reading Clubs for Summer 2017 by following the Club Link or by entering the Club Code on your settings page (to find your settings page, sign into and click your name in the upper right corner). 

ã Newsela can be accessed on an internet browser or by downloading the Newsela app from iTunes or from the Google Play store (if students have limited internet access, they can read offline with those apps).

ã Questions about Summer Reading Clubs can be sent to