7th Grade Science Syllabus

Kingston Middle School
7th Grade Science Syllabus
2015 - 2016
Instructors: Mr. Evans
Mr. Stebbing

Course Content:
This year we will be using an inquiry based science curriculum developed by National Science Resource Center. The program is a State approved curriculum and comes highly recommended. The book is used only as an in-class lab manual, so you will not be issued individual texts. The following is a list of the three modules that we will be covering this year.

Organisms - From Macro to Micro
Rocks, Minerals, and Soils
Ecology and Human Impact

Course Goals:
1. Make available a sequence of learning activities that fully address the National Science Education Standards.
2. Engage students directly with natural phenomena, the tools of science, real-world problems, and technological design challenges.
3. Build on students’ prior knowledge and experiences and allow them to apply problem solving strategies to new contexts.
4. Provide opportunities for students to test procedures, collect and analyze data, use data to support conclusions, and communicate findings.
5. Develop in all students the skills and knowledge necessary to open paths to careers in science and technology.
6. Foster positive attitudes toward science.

Student Skills:
Practice proper use of scientific tools and instruments.
Use the scientific method to approach problems.
Keep careful records of assignments and lab investigations.
Practice the use of the metric system for measurements.
Increase the powers of observation by gathering data, interpreting it, and reporting on the findings.
Undertake individual and group responsibilities.

Grading Standards and Policies:

A 100-93%
A- 92-90%
B+ 89-87%  
B 86-83%
B- 82-80%
C+ 79-77%
C 76-73%
D 66-63%
F 59-0%

Late work:
Participating in class and completing your work is essential for your success in science. Work turned in after the time it is due is considered late. Points will be deducted for late work.

Students are responsible for making up work after absences. To find what work you missed check my teacher website, ask a fellow student, see me before or after school, or talk to me at an appropriate time during class. Students have one day to make up work for each day she/he is absent. For example, if you are absent 2 days you have 2 days to make up and turn in your assignment. After which the work is considered late. However, long-term assignments are accepted on the due date only. Due to lab set up times labs will not be made up. If you miss an entire lab see me for and alternate activity to make up the missed work. If only a portion of a lab is missed you may be able to get the missed information from a lab partner.

Your science notebook will remain in the classroom. This will include all handouts and written work. It allows you to review your work and revise your thinking as your understanding increases, just as professional scientists do.

Classroom Rules and Procedures:
In this classroom, I expect students to abide by these general classroom learning agreements:
     Be respectful
     Be involved in learning
     Have a positive attitude!!
I also expect to see you:
· bring paper and a pencil everyday. I prefer that all lab work is completed in pencil.
· be in your seat when the bell rings
· be careful, safe, and serious when doing activities and experiments.

Thanks for reading. I hope you see that all of your hard work and dedication to school will pay off! Please let us know anytime if you need extra help or if you just have questions you would like to ask! Here is how to contact either of us:
Mr. Stebbing: 396-4900 ext. 3439 e-mail: stebbing@nksd.wednet.edu
Mr. Evans: 396-4900 ext. 3456 e-mail: aevans@nksd.wednet.edu

Thanks and have a great one!

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Your son/daughter is currently enrolled in Seventh Grade Science at Kingston Junior High. Please take a moment to read over your child’s syllabus and note the topics, goals, behavioral expectations, and grading policies for this year. Also, please complete and sign this information sheet as well as the Science Laboratory Agreement, and have your child return it to me. If you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call. Thank you and we look forward to making positive contact with you this school year.


Mr. Evans and Mr. Stebbing

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