Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

Digital Citizenship- is one of many important skills our children need to develop and ensure they know how to use social media/technology in a safe, kind and positive manner.  

As educators, we believe it is important to work with the community to help support our students in gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to become the best digital citizen possible! 

Here are some GREAT resources to help you talk to your child about Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety: 

Digital Glossary- provides the latest lingo, apps, etc. 

Digital Life Survey- asks you to think about what you do online; about the conversations and rules you have about tech at home. 

Tips for Social Media Anxiety- tips to help manage social media Anxiety

Social Media - an example of a Social Media/Technology Contract 

How to Prevent Cyber-Bullying from Happening to Your Child - provide tips and tools to help children be safe on line 

Check out more information and activities at Common Sense Media