Mary Lou Macala

Office hours during the school closure
I am available via email throughout each day, and will be checking emails beginning at 8:00 am and continuing through 3:30 pm. I am also available by phone, should you need me to call you.

Zoom classrooms
I will be meeting with classes through Zoom on a scheduled basis Monday through Friday 9:00 to 10:00 am and 1:00 to 2:00 pm; I will be sending out invitations through email.

Weekly Remote Learning Guides
Remote learning guides will be available each Monday. These are sent out via email and are also available as printed copies in the front portico at the school. If you are using OneNote Class Notebook (as soon as I have it set up), I will be adding these assignments online. 

Remote Learning
I will be using Office 365 and OneNote Class Notebook to deliver assignments to students with computer access. If you cannot access these assignments, I will find an alternate way to make them available to you.

Directions for accessing assignments in OneNote
Log-in to Office 365 by visiting 
  • Use the log-in information you use to log into school computers.
  • Your student email is your
  • Your password is the one used to log into school computers
Click on the purple OneNote icon.

Open the OneNote notebook for your class. English and social studies classes are separate.

When the OneNote notebook opens, click your name on the left of the screen to reveal your folders.

Select the Homework folder to find your work each day (or week).

New assignments show up in the homework section as separate pages by date assigned.

Complete the work by typing directly into OneNote. You do not need to share your work with me or send me a copy as long as it has been completed inside the OneNote Class Notebook. I can see all the work that happens in Class Notebook and the work you complete is automatically saved to the cloud for me to see. What a concept.

If you cannot see the new assignment that should be posted in the "Homework" section, try clicking the "refresh" button on your browser to reload the program. This forces OneNote to check for changes (like new assignments that have been added).