Hybrid Learning Communication

Hybrid Learning Communication
Posted on 02/09/2021
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March 9, 2021


By now you have most likely heard that we will begin to phase students into a “hybrid” in-person and distance learning model beginning March 15th. As such, the staff at Kingston Middle School would like to communicate a few details about the transition. Teachers will not meet in-person with students on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week (3/10-3/12) but may post assignments/videos for students to do on their MS Teams pages. In addition to teachers going over this new schedule with students this week, there will also be “training videos” posted on their teacher’s MS Teams page and our social media this Thursday (3/11) related to the process and procedures of returing to school in person. Here are a few other details regarding our transition to a new schedule next week and our in-person/remote hybrid instruction:


New Cohorts: To adhere to social distancing and other safety guidelines, your student will be assigned a “cohort” depending on the first letter of their last name. “Cohort A” includes students with the last name that begins with A-L and ‘Cohort B’ includes students with the last name that begins with M-Z.


New Schedule: All students, regardless of their grade, will begin the new schedule on March 15th. With this new schedule, we will be gradually replacing the live Zoom meetings with in-person and on-campus learning through next week. (See chart below)

Monday March 15th Tuesday March 16th Wednesday March 17th Thursday March 18th Friday March 19th Monday March 22nd Tuesday March 23rd

In-Person Zoom Teams Task(s) or Simulcast Zoom In-Person Zoom Teams Task(s) or Simulcast Zoom In-Person Zoom (Core) Teams Task(s) or Simulcast Zoom In-Person Zoom Teams Task(s) or Simulcast Zoom In-Person Zoom Teams Task(s) or Simulcast Zoom In-Person Zoom Teams Task(s) or Simulcast Zoom In-Person Zoom Teams Task(s) or Simulcast Zoom


Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 1st Lunch: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 2nd Lunch: Wednesdays:

4th Period—10:10-11:20

1st Lunch—11:20-11:55

5th Period—11:55-1:00

6th Period—1:10-2:15

Intervention/Extra Help- 2:25-3:40 4th Period—10:10-11:20 5th Period—11:30-12:35 2nd Lunch—12:35-1:10 6th Period—1:10-2:15 Intervention/Extra Help- 2:25-3:40 8:00-12:30 Teacher Directed Independent Learning 12:30-1:15 Zoom Core/Character Strong (Zoom for all students) 1:15-2:15 Teacher Directed Independent Learning

Note: Your student’s lunch will be determined by their 5th period teacher What to Bring For In-Person Days: Mask, NKSD Daily Wellness Attestation Form and a Fully Charged Laptop. If students would like, they can also bring pens, pencils, a notebooks and paper but it is not necessarily required and they can also bring a water bottle (only water permitted) as well. Students can also bring a lunch or they can pick one up at KMS. Teachers will let you know if there are other subject-specific items that students should bring to class for in-person days.


Laptop Check-Out: If you do not already have a district-issued laptop and would like for your student to use our laptop rather than yours, you can submit a request to check one out. Here is a link: Request a Student Laptop

Attestation Form: Every student entering the building must have the NKSD Daily Wellness Attestation Form filled out and signed by the parent each day before being allowed to enter. Students who don’t bring this “ticket” will be isolated until we can contact a parent/guardian and have one sent to us.


PPE Expectations: Masks are required to be always worn while on campus. Masks need to be properly fitting over both the mouth and the nose. Students who do not follow directions and wear their mask correctly will be asked to go home for the day.



· Building opens at 9:55 for students

· Two Entry Points:

o Busses: Enter at front of the school

o Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Behind the school by the commons

· Late Arrival: Parents will need to call the main office and a staff member will come out and screen the student before entering the building.

· Early Dismissal: Parent/guardian should wait in their car and call the main office to release their student. A staff member will escort student from the classroom to the car. Please know that we will need to verify identification before releasing students.


Building Access: The office and building is closed for visitors, including parents/guardians. If you need to drop something off or pick something up please call our main office at 396-3400


Informational videos sent will be sent out to your student by way of their MS Teams classrooms regarding the return to in-person learning this week. Until then, please feel free to call our main office if you have questions. 360-396-3400




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