Stewart, Diane
 Norway:  Edvard Munch's painting spot!
Edvard Munch's spot for painting,
 "The Scream" is his most famous painting.
The Louvre
Paris, France   2010
Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is housed there!

Canoe Journey 2011
canoe journey
If you're a local artist that wants to share a skill/lesson, please contact me, thanks!

Greetings from the Wacky World of Art!

Diane StewART,  NBCT

Art/Ceramics/World Languages/Read 180 Instructor 

Email is the best way to contact me!
KMS 394-3479
Please like the Facebook page dedicated to showing off student artwork,
inviting y'all to events at Sweet Life Cakery and Festival of the Arts!

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is being held at North Kitsap High School on Wednesday,
April 25th from 5-8 pm. 
It's free, however, bring $10 to purchase a bowl that will be filled with ice cream to support our Empty Bowls portion of the celebration.  All proceeds go to Fishline.

 A little about me:

Experience is the best are some of my experiences in pursuit of encountering art as inspiration for encouraging my students to find their own voice for expression.

  Ai Weiwei  is an extremely outspoken artist.  I traveled to Toronto, ON, Canada to see his exhibit in 2013. 
Toronto, ON Canada  Ai Weiwei Exhibit!  2013

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