ART Syllabus

ART Syllabus/Essential Academic Learning Requirement for the ARTS

2016-2017 Syllabus

The Essential Academic Learning Requirements in the Visual Arts


1.1 - 1.3 The art student:

  • understands art concepts, vocabulary and art styles
  • develops art skills and techniques
  • Applies art styles from different artists, cultures and times.

2.1  The art student engages in the creative process by:

  • thinking of creative responses to problems
  • gathering information
  • developing ideas and techniques
  • organizing art elements and principles
  • reflecting on and critiquing own work
  • refining work
  • presenting work to others

2.3  The art student critiques art by:

  • describing what is seen
  • analyzing how the art elements and principles are used
  • interpreting the artist's statement
  • judging (evaluating) using supporting evidence

3.1  The art student

  • Expresses and presents ideas and feelings for a specific purpose.
  • Examines and justifies their personal aesthetic choices reflected in their art work.

 4.1 - 4.5  The art student:

  • Makes connections between the visual art and music, dance and theater

·         Evaluates traits of their own work and/or performances with other art disciplines.

·         Understands the impact art has on the choices a person makes throughout a lifetime

·         Understands that art shapes and reflects culture and history

·         Is informed about art careers and understands how art skills and work habits are used in the work place.