Art in my World
ART in my WORLD Project
by Diane Stewart
her AWESOME art students!
Art in my World is a homework optional assignment and 5 extra points are given for doing the work!   It's apparent that students love working with technology.  I have two goals for this project:  to make a power point for each art period so students can see Art in the World of their classmates.  I also have a long term goal which is to find some schools around the world in which to trade power points.  Please don't have your child put pictures of him/herself  or last names in the power point.)  When I find out if this is a managable thing for me to create, then I will persue interested teachers around the world.  If there are any parents out there who might have teacher friends that are teaching in other states/countries that might be interested in trying this out, I'd enjoy hearing from them! 
Step one:  Download the template on your flash drive
Step two:  look to see what pictures you need to put in the Power Point
Step three:  take the pictures and put them on your computer or flashdrive
Step four:  Work on a page a day (or more?) to plug in your pictures and information
Step five:  save, save, save! on your flashdrive, when it's complete, bring it in to be included into a larger power point
Power Point tips:  Add all the information first, then play around with color choices that enhance your pictures.  Try not to write too much on each page, and to the best of your ability give credit to the artists.
Step six:  Bring your flash drive into Ms. Stewart when you are through!     
Last Modified on September 2, 2015