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Wyland Sealife Mural Contest Details

Below are older contests, not updated but something might strike your fancy for checking them out.

lick on the RED WRITING to connect to the webpage with all of the directions!

  If you choose this one, please have it turned in to me by NOVEMBER 29, Tuesday.  

TOYOTA DREAM CAR!!!  How cool does this sound?  It's an International contest.

FROGS AND BUGS!  Environmental Awareness Activists!  Check this one out!

ART CONTEST GENERAL You need $5. for this one and probably need to enter it from home.  If you win, they'll make your art into a stain glass window!

PUSH THE ENVELOPE "Graceful Envelope" My personal favorite!  Design a fancy envelope that would go in the snail mail!!!  

Bow Seat-OCEAN AWARENESS!!!  This year’s theme is Ocean Pollution: Challenges & Solutions

PTA Reflections Give it a try!

Last Modified on October 29, 2015