There is a newsletter that is being sent home on October 5, 2017.  I am having technical difficulties with setting up a link to the newsletter here, but I did copy a paste the homework choices.
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Also, so far I have 24/35 students going on the field trip.  Today, Oct. 4, 2017, I've invited my World Language class to join us if they want the last ten spots, so please get it in the sooner the better.  Once the spots are taken, there's no more spaces.

Homework Choices:  


My intention is that parents and students will have an opportunity to develop their creativity and discuss the importance of art.  Please support your child’s creative efforts, feel free to dig in and help them!  This year, I’m assigning homework twice during the first semester.  Here are the first set of options.

       HOMEWORK DUE 10/24/17

    It’s worth 60 pointsPlease CHOOSE ONE:

  1. Art in My World-look at my website –if you like taking digital pictures and making power points.  You will automatically be given 5 extra credit points for doing this project, which is a choice every time.
  2. SIXTH GRADERS ONLY--go to the Sweet Life Cakery Section to see a               s w e e t HOMEWORK deal for your class, only!!!  (Seriously)
  3. Make a collage on a theme of your choice.  A collage is a piece of paper covered in pictures cut from magazines, without white spaces showing.  Consider the color wheel or the elements of art found in pictures! Funny faces or surrealistic scenes.
  4. Artists often reflect or bring attention to the world around them.  What do you think needs attention?  Make a piece of art about it.  Please be considerate in your topic and photos, if you use them.
  5.  “Rocktober” – Make a poster that uses lyrics of a favorite song by one of your favorite artists.  Pay attention to font that you hand write, no computer printed work unless it’s pictures of the artist you want to add.
  6. “Ink”tober- one of my students pointed out this awesome site that suggests something each day to draw with ink! It also suggests putting them online.  I do not condone that without parent consent. Do 12 of them! I’d like to suggest a piece of copy paper folded into fourths and do four days’ worth of drawing one the one sheet.  As always, only go on line with parent permission.



  7. Make a DETAILED drawing that you have first practiced sketching.  You turn in both the “study sketch” & the final, vastly improved drawing that you might consider framing.
  8. Do something Day of the Dead inspired!  Do you make sugar skulls?

Please note that this homework should be something you’ve spent between 1-2 hours on in order for it to be    

         Ambitious-challenge yourself

         Responsible-get it done on time

         Thoughtful-attention to details/craftsmanship