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November and December are going to fly so fast!  The new homework assignment is on the newsletter and is due December 16th.  Please note that there are two choices that involve driving your child to see local artists in their homes or taking them down to Tacoma, Sunday, November 4th to see the marvelous Dia de los Muertos celebration at Tacoma Art Museum!!! 
Newsletter for November and December 2018

NEWSLETTER SEPT./OCT. 2018 homework

Click on the above tab!  Homework is due:  October 11th. 

The last day to turn in round one of homework is November 2nd.  

6th grade only:  Come to the Sweet Life Cakery Art Showcase, take a photo of your child in front of their art and eat a mini cupcake!
October 11, 3:30-5:00. That’s it, that’s the homework.  The art is done in class.

    It’s worth 60 pointsPlease CHOOSE ONE:

  1. Art in My World-look at my website –if you like taking digital pictures and making power points.You will automatically be given 5 extra credit points for doing this project, which is a choice each time.
  2. Make a collage on a theme of your choice.A collage is a piece of paper covered in cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, without white spaces showing.Consider the color wheel or the elements of art found in pictures! Funny faces or surrealistic scenes.
  3. Artists are often advocates for causes/problems in the world around them.What do you think needs attention?Make a piece of art about it.Please be considerate in your topic and photos, if you use them. Don’t be rude or vulgar.
  4. “Rocktober” – Make a poster that uses lyrics of a favorite song by one of your favorite artists.Pay attention to font that you hand write, no computer printed work unless it’s pictures of the artist you want to add.
  5. Make a DETAILED drawing that you have first practiced sketching.You turn in both the “study sketch” & the final, vastly improved drawing that you might consider framing.
  6. Do something Day of the Dead inspired!Do you make sugar skulls? FYI: check out:   Tacoma Art Museum/Nov. 4th!
  7. Free choice that was cleared with the teacher:                          carving/Inktober/make a costume, etc…

INKTOBER is here!!!

Please note that your homework should look like you’ve spent about an hour on it.