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May 2019 Whew, what a spring!  
Check it out: 

Next week ought to be labeled:  The ARTS Paint the town red in KINGSTON!!  Lots going on!!

Ever wanted to paint Mt. Rainier?  Next Tuesday night is your chance to join a Paint and Sip!  I’ve attached a flyer, or you can go directly to to purchase tickets!   I went to the last one and had a fun time…you can even see my painting in the display case outside my room! 

 This is a fund raiser for FINE ARTS BOOSTERS!  Feel free to ask me about it!  They give scholarships to ART seniors at KHS and CASH awards to KMS and KHS students during the Festival of the Arts.  Let me tell you the look on Sheila Rojas, Jefferson Hernandez and Kendal W.’s faces was wonderful when I handed them their checks!!  The parent responses were a treat as well!

 TWO MORE ART SHOWS I hope you can attend!

 Sweet Life Cakery:  4th quarter 6th grade class showcases their glow in the dark fish and their new Journey of Peace contest posters!! THURSDAY, May 16th from 3:30-5:00.  We haven’t named the show yet.

 Village Green: Did you know that I selected about 18 students to represent KMS at the first ever Kingston’s Kids Art Show at Village Green!  They are flanked by student art work from all over Kingston at all different ages, thanks to the tremendous effort of Erin Davignon! They are having a  reception on Friday, May 17th from 6-8 pm. 


Rome? And one more thing,  I’ve sent off 66 pieces of “Colors of Peace” posters to first go to the FOLK LIFE FESTIVAL, at booth 22!! Then the posters go to ROME where they will be up for the International Day of Peace!!!  I’ve made a select copies of ½ of them in the main hall. Feel free to verbally tell the students you’re excited for them!!


Here’s a blurb about it from the women who contacted me about doing this (Thanks, Craig for sending her my way.):  “We will be putting up a display of over 1000 pieces of art from children in Seattle and Kingston schools.  It will be up for 4 days—May 24-27—at Seattle Folklife Festival.  We will have a booth in the Discovery Zone which is outside between MOPOP and The Armory.  The booth and zone will be open from 11am-6pm each day.  The art will be attached to the fences that are in the Discovery Zone.  Here’s a link:

We will be where the circled “22” is on the map.”-Teresa Root. 

Newsletter for November and December 2018

NEWSLETTER SEPT./OCT. 2018 homework

HOMEWORK DUE 5/16/19-Thursday! 

6th grade only:  


In sixth grade, I assign one homework assignment because it gives parents and students an opportunity to develop creativity and discuss the importance of art.  Please be supportive of this and encourage your child to complete the assignment by May 16th.   This is worth 60 points

Choose one of the following, but I prefer seeing you at the art show case!

1.      MAY 16thth from 3:30-5:00


11201 NE State Highway 104, Kingston, WA 98346 

Stay 10 minutes/take a picture of your child in front of their art! 


2.     Make a collage on a theme of your choice:  a collage is a piece of paper that has cut out pictures/ words from magazines glued on a piece of paper.  Hardly any white is showing, the composition is thoughtful. 


3.     Draw for three 30 minutes sessions on three different days of the same thing…show me all of the sketches and work on making it better each time!


4.   Design/draw three t-shirts that you would sell to a    specific audience-you choose the audience.  For example:  a race against some disease.  Draw YOUR own logo…be clever about the Word/Font choices-simple-catchy phrase….

5.     Some students get permission from me to do something completely different than the choices above, so for “free choice” please run your idea by me first! 

6.     Come to the Paint and Sip, you need to buy tickets:  

$35 for Adults and $25 for students. It’s a fund raiser for Fine Arts Boosters. TUESDAY, MAY 14th from 5:30-8:00 at West Side Pizza.

7.     Show me that you have entered the Kitsap Arts and Crafts juried art show for the summer.  For $5. You can put in three pieces of art in it for a chance to win money! Please contact them:

INKTOBER is here!!!  Well, not until October 2019!  

Please note that your homework should look like you’ve spent about an hour on it.