This is my current newsletter that also lists the homework choices that are due on DECEMBER 12th!  It's my intention that students spend at least an hour on ONE of the ideas.
Nov.-Dec. 2017.docx

Nov.-Dec. Homework-DUE Dec. 12, 2017 for 7th/8th

Your choices:

  1. Research a family background country, or a country you wish you were from:  learn about an artist(s) from that country…maybe make a craft from that country?  Make something that visually represents what you learned or if you choose to do writing about a piece of art or artist, please use poetry or prose or a power point with ten slides.  Please don’t copy information directly off of a website.  You may cite your sources, however.

  2. Find a full page picture of a human face in a magazine or print a favorite person pic to cut in half vertically and practice drawing that half of the face.  The face must be a human. Turn in BOTH halves so I can compare what you did to the original.  It’d be great to see students do this with a picture of their own face!

  3. Draw a seven panel comic strip that shows beginning, middle and end of a situation that is either:  funny, educational or shows gratitude.

  4. Bake/make something with family or a good friend that is helpful to your family.  Make a photo montage (at least seven photos creatively glued or digitally done-collage) of your adventures and the final thing that you made.  Please give a bit of writing description about your process and final product.  This could be cookies, a centerpiece for a table, clothes, a carving, a collaborative painting…etc. The idea is to have fun creating something with family or friends.

  5. Run your free choice idea by me, first.

  1. 6th graders may choose the Sweet Life Cakery Homework which will be held in January!

Please note that this homework should be something you’ve spent between 1-2 hours on in order for it to be    

         Ambitious-challenge yourself

         Responsible-get it done on time

         Thoughtful-attention to details/craftsmanship