Grade 8 Social Studies

Course Description
Welcome!  I anticipate a year of excitement and the learning of our United States history together!  Curriculum is aligned with the current Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the areas of Literacy/Social Studies.  Below is a road map of the curriculum units for 8th grade:

The Five Themes of Geography
The Election Process
Constitutional Issues Classroom Based Assessment (CBA)

December-January  (end of first semester)
Early Exploration

Colonial Settlement
British Colonies
The Colonies Grow

April-June (end of second semester)
The Road to Independence
The American Revolution
A More Perfect Union


The American Journey, Glencoe-McGraw-Hill
The Nystrom Desk Atlas, Division of Herff Jones, Inc.
The Nystrom Atlas of United States History, Division of Herff Jones, Inc.
Mapping United States History, Division of Herff Jones, Inc.

Supplementary literature texts and non-fiction materials

Required Materials

Students will need to bring the following materials to class each day:

-a planner to track daily assignments, weekly work and due dates; students are required to read their copy of the KMS Student Handbook included inside their planner

-white (recycled is acceptable) loose leaf paper (college or wide ruled)

-#2 pencils, and a highlighter

-a tab section in their binder designated for social studies notes and assignments

The ART of being a CAV!!
We create a productive learning environment by living up to our school wide expectations!  Our classroom looks like:

A = Ambitious 
* Enter class appropriately and with a positive attitude 
* Engage in all aspects of the learning
R = Responsible
* Have all necessary and required materials ready by the bell
* Complete planner daily and use time wisely
T = Thoughtful
* Attentively listen and raise hand during instruction and discussion
* Take care of each other and the classroom

Assignment Procedure and Homework
When possible, please inform me in advance of prearranged absences that have been approved through our Attendance office.  Students who return from being absent can get their assignments from their class Absent Folder posted in our room.  Eighth graders will have a minimum of 30 minutes of homework each night.  Establish a routine that works for you to "pay yourself" so you can manage your academic responsibilities.  Language Arts homework will typically include light reading, short written responses or both.  Most of the assignments are completed in class; if a student needs additional time to complete an assignment, it becomes homework, and is due the next day.  Any time a student is issued either a CORE or LUNCH pass to make up work and does not show up, that opportunity to make up the assignment is no longer an option.
Coursework is posted on Skyward as either ASSIGNMENT or TEST; grades are not weighted and students earn points.  Assignments are comprised of frequent reading, writing and analysis activities when students will be provided specific feedback to help enhance their learning.  They are completed during class; if a student needs additional time, it becomes homework and is due the next day.  Late work is only acceptable when a student is absent and students will be informed when the missing work is due.  Some tests can be revised and students who choose to revise must submit their revisions within a week the original was returned. Once a Term is over, work is no longer accepted for that term.


Students must be seated in their assigned seat BEFORE the bell rings.  If tardy to class, discretely bring me your pass.  If you enter without a pass, it will be marked unexcused tardy.     


Students must follow a procedure of turning in assignments when absent from class; it is best to inform me ahead of time if you plan to be absent. Upon returning from an absence, always check your class period’s Absent folder posted in the room for assignments.

Each student has a portfolio kept in the classroom that will contain all completed unit work throughout the school year.  Students are welcome to save other documents such as awards as well.  It is a snapshot of growth throughout the year and during Spring Student Led Conferences (SLC) students will share some evidence of their learning.  At the end of the year students will take them home. 

I look forward to another year of learning and helping prepare you for success in high school and beyond!

Mrs. Barnett, M Ed

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