English Language Arts Syllabus

8th Grade English Language Arts Overview and Expectations, 2018-19

Ms. Ellison, Room C6


COURSE: In English language arts, we will continue to develop and practice effective reading, writing, and communication skills utilizing District curricula. Our reading curriculum includes a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction texts. Our writing forms include expository, narrative, and persuasive.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Students are expected to come to class each day with the materials listed below.

Organizational Tool for efficient access to class work: a pocket folder dedicated to English, a binder with a section for English, or any other method that works.

        Lined Paper


       Hand-Held Pencil Sharpener for times when use of the loud classroom sharpener is inappropriate and for colored pencils.

       Independent Reading Material for use when class work is complete.

       Facial Tissues for personal use.

      Water Bottle filled during passing time for healthy hydration during class.

       Colored Pencil or Pen for correcting and editing.

: Students who come to class prepared to learn and do their best each day will be successful. Grade distribution follows the North Kitsap School District standard.

CLASS WORK: With few exceptions, assigned work will be completed in class.

GRADING: Students who come to class prepared to learn and do their best each day will be successful. Final grades are based on in-class practice, assignments, projects, and assessments.

DUE DATES: Students who are present in class are expected to complete in-class assignments during class time as directed. Students with excused absences may turn in work upon return for full credit. Students who do not use class time appropriately to complete assigned work will not be allowed to submit work later for credit.

ATTENDANCE: Consistent attendance is crucial to success in English language arts. Absent students are responsible for making up all work assigned. After an absence, students are always welcome to come in during Core Extension for missed instruction and assignments.

CULTURE: I expect students to participate in the positive learning culture of our classroom by trying their best each day. I will work with students who detract from the positive learning culture individually, with parents, and with school administration as needed.

COMMUNICATION: I welcome communication from both students and parents. Please feel free to contact me anytime by e-mail, at lellison@nkschools.org; or by phone, at 396-3465. When I initiate communication, I will use the e-mail address(es) listed in Skyward. If e-mail is unavailable, I will phone.

I look forward to a great year!


Ms. Ellison



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