Weisgarber, Tawnee

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Phone number : 360-396-3446
EMAIL: tweisgarber@nkschools.org
                 Spring Conferences March 29-30
                 Spring Break April 3-7
**HOMEWORK:  Read 30 minutes a night! 
                            Complete Reading Assignment
Students missing the day can access their REAL Book at the HMH login for their Read 180 program. The will open their Real book and access the lesson we are working on.

 6th ENGLISH/SS  Upcoming                      7th English/SS Upcoming
 Reading: Fever 1793                                       Reading: Fever 1793 
Studying Main Idea                                          Studying Main idea
SS: Mesopotamia                                            SS: Native Peoples of Washington State

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world!"--Mahatma Ghandi