This Week....
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ENGLISH: This week students have been working in 4 rotations.  Student will be working on Cause and Effect Paragraph writing and academic vocabulary.  Students will be writing a cause and effect paragraph about drought next week. Homework will be the nightly reading sheet. 
TURN IN: Any missing assignments Friday-Question of the Day
7th grade ss- Washington's Regions brochure
6th grade ss- Geography review brochure

ENGLISH: This week students will be continuing their study of drought.  We will complete lesson 2.9 and 2.10 in our Real books. NO nightly reading homework this week because it is short.  TURN IN: Monday- 2 week Reading Homework, Wednesday- In class Reading sheet
7th grade ss- Students will be  on a Washington's Regions brochure
6th grade ss- Students will be working on studying for their Geography quiz

10/17 -10/21:
ENGLISH:  Students will be working on Lesson 2.7 and 2.8 in their Real Book.  Reading World Without Fish in 7th grade and Flush in 6th grade.  Wednesday will be a STAR reading test and book checkout in the library
TURN IN: Tuesday- 7th graders turn in Landforms assignment Friday- Question of the Day 
7th grade ss: Landforms assignment
6th grade SS: Science Center Field Trip

English: This week students will work on Reading for Details.  They will complete 2.5 and 2.6 in their Real books.  We will read World Without Fish for 7th and Flush for 6th.
TURN IN: Monday- 2 week Reading Homework, Friday- Cause and Effect Quiz
7th grade ss: Washington State Maps (turn in)
6th grade ss: World Maps (turn in)

English:  This week students will e working on 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 in Real books.  Students will be working in 6th grade on paragraph writing and on an Ocean's packet in 7th grade.  We will read World without fish for 7th grade and Flush for 6th grade.
​TURN IN: ​Friday-Question of the Day
​7th grade ss: ​Mrs. Schuchart discussion of Battle of the Books.  Washington State Maps
​6th grade ss: ​Mrs. Schuchart discussion of Battle of the Books. World Maps