This Week....
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Week of 9/25 to 9/29
1st/2nd  ELA

This week students students began working on reading Flush.  We are working on discovering point of view and how it is influenced both by the author and the characters upbringing, environment and past experiences.  Students spent time figuring out Noah (the main character) point of view on several different situations.  Students worked on vocabulary words: pitiful, smuggling, bail, marina, stern, marly, gambling, reservation.  We went to the library and we also began working on our Geography unit this week with Cornell Notes. Reading Homework sheets will be due on Monday.
This week students worked on understanding the difference between being Proactive vs. Reactive in their responses.  We continued working on Walking our word and reading Wonder.  Students began a Personal Bank account to track when their are being proactive and when they are being reactive throughout the day.  Students also began working on Habit #2 Begin with the end in mind and started getting ready to write their mission statements.
5th/6th ELA
Students spent this week beginning their reading on Flush and learning a little about Point of View.  Students were looking for Noah's point of view on his father's situation.  We went to the library and also started our Read 180 Growth Mindset unit.  Students worked on the Plot for Flush too.  We took some notes for Geography and will finish those up next week.  Reading homework sheets will be due on Monday.

Week of 9/18 to 9/22
1st/2nd and 5th/6th ELA-
Monday- We did Drops in a bucket and then worked on our writing and journal with Elements of a Story.  We began our Reading Homework and students worked on their Friendship Orchard assessment.
Tuesday- Drops in a bucket.  We wrote our paragraphs and the worked in our journals on Plot Diagramming.  Students watched the Lion King and did a plot diagram.
Wednesday- Drops in a bucket, students wrote a paragraph and then plot diagrammed Rikki Tikki Tavi.
Thursday- we did some writing and set our Reading goals.
Friday- Students worked on plot diagramming practice on their own after reading Hooway for Wodney Wat and then worked on some sentence building skills.
Students worked this week on Paradigms and principals, goal setting, making their words walk and began working on Habit #1: Be Proactive.  Students also read Wonder throughout the week.

Week of 9/11 to 9/15

1st/2nd and 5th/6th ELA/SS- This week we turned in our Syllabus.  Monday we began working on MINTS which is an acronym for how we capitalize our words.  Students took a reading interest survey and began writing paragraphs.  Students also began on their Autobiographies to introduce themselves to me and the rest of the 6th grade.  Tuesday we worked on Drops in a Bucket which is a grammar assignments and we continued writing.  Students set their reading goals for the quarter so they are ready for next week.  We also did a Kahoot to review rules.  Wednesday we did some writing and went to the library to check out books.  Thursday and Friday was spent journaling, STAR testing and taking some other assessments.  These assessments are for my own information and will not be entered in as a grade.
HOMEWORK:  Syllabus was due on Monday, Autobiography is due on Friday
​Leadership: ​ We passed out our leadership syllabus this week and we began working on reading our book Wonder.  We will continue this for a few weeks.  Students also took some notes as we went over leadership and paradigms.  Students worked on the CD covers that represent the real them and this is due on Friday.
HOMEWORK: Syllabus due Friday, CD covers due Friday

9/6/17- 9/8/17
1st/2nd and 5th/6th ELA/ss- This week we spent time getting to know each other.  We went through our syllabus and planners.  We discussed expectations and we also spent some time talking about what a good student looks like, what we want our school to look like and who Mrs. W is a teacher.  Most of our time was spent getting kids ready to take on more advanced challenges for the next week.  
HOMEWORK: Syllabus is due on Monday Sept 11.
3rd Leadership- This week we spent time learning a little about what leadership is.  We talked about our roles as leaders in the school and in our own lives.  We will be focusing on the 7 habits of Highly Effective teens and students will be working on projects in the classroom.