Daily Class-room Routine

Welcome to 6th grade Math with Mrs. Aujla
baujla@nkschools.org  Phone: 394-4952

Daily Routine

  1. Warm-up activity: Take out planner, homework and previous day's class work and open them for me to check and stamp. You will be expected to work on a warm-up activity while I check off your homework and class work.  At the same time, copy down class work and homework for today.
  2. Correct Homework: Homework  should be done in pencil and corrected in red pen. Answers will be shared and discussed in class. Corrected homework should be turned in as requested by me or saved in your notebook under "Homework" section.
  3. Class work: Problems in investigations will be done in your notebook as we work towards meeting our learning targets. We will be creating summaries of our big ideas from each unit.  There will be opportunities to work collaboratively and individually as well as a whole class.
  4. Dismissal: Clean up your area.


An overall grade is based on both assessment and participation.  Assessments (include tests, quizzes, and reflections) will count for 70% of the overall grade.  Participation (includes warm-ups, class work and ACE homework) will count for 30% of the overall grade.

Classroom Procedure

  1. Sharpening Pencils: You can sharpen pencil before the bell, during non instructional time or exchange your pencil with a sharpen pencil form me.
  2. Paper Heading: Top right of paper (starting on blue line)
  • First Last name
  • Subject, Period
  • Date
  • Assignment description
  1. Forgot something :
  • Pencil/Pen - BEFORE CLASS, quietly find one, borrow from a classmate, or trade something of value with me or a classmate until the end of class.
  • Notebook: you can use a separate sheet of paper and follow along with the class.  Then put in into the appropriate section of your notebook later.

Last Modified on May 9, 2016