Mrs. Aujla's Expectations

Mrs. Aujla’s Course Syllabus for 6th Math

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I am so excited to be your teacher and I am looking forward to a wonderful year.  We will be learning a lot, so get ready for some serious math fun.  In addition to using Holt Course 1 Book, we will use Engage NY to help guide us through our learning and learning targets. 

 What a day in math class might look like…

Bell-work:  We will start each day with a warm-up activity that will be on the projection device.  Students will use this time to copy down classwork and homework for the day, and then work on warm-up activity while I check off student’s work from previous day. After reviewing the warm-up activity we will begin or continue our math lesson.

Class work:  Problems for the lesson will be done in our notebooks as we work towards meeting our learning targets.   There will be opportunities to work collaboratively and individually. At times there will be assessments that will measure progress in meeting the current learning targets. 

Homework:  Classwork will become homework if it is not complete in class.  There will be opportunities to edit or correct classwork and tests.  To receive credit, you must do your work in pencil, correct it in pen, and show all your work. Classwork is expected to be turned in on time. Late work will receive reduced credit. A planner is used to keep track of daily points for classwork and bell work.

Grading:  You will earn an overall grade that is based on both assessments and classwork/homework.  Assessments (tests, quizzes and reflections) will count for 70% of your overall grade and classwork/homework (including warm-ups) will count for 30% of your overall grade. 

Make up work: You have 1 day for every day you miss to complete homework. Absent or missing work should have proper paper heading with date the assignment was assigned and not the absent date. It is student's responsibility to pick up any missing assignments

Classroom Expectations and Procedures

In addition to the Kingston Middle School student handbook, and in order to have a conducive learning environment, students are expected to follow the following guidelines:

1.       I am sitting in my group when the bell rings with my homework and class work ready for check off.  I am working on the daily bell work.

2.       I have all my materials: pen, pencil, paper, binder and text book and am   ready to learn

3.       I show respect with my face, voice and words to my classmates and my teacher.  

4.       I stay on task and allow others to learn.

5.       Sharpening Pencil:  You can sharpen pencil before the bell, during non-instructional time or exchange your pencil with a sharpen pencil form me  

6.       If you are in need of a pencil or other materials, please quietly borrow someone from your table group.  If you forgot your binder, use a separate piece of paper and add it at a later time

7.       All work should have proper paper heading at the top right hand side with first and last name, followed by subject, period, date and assignment

8.       Bathroom and water: Try using during passing time.  However, students may use the bathroom during class but will be required to remain a couple of minutes during passing to catch up on what is missed. Water bottles may be used during class time

9.       At the end of class, wait for teacher’s instructions to pack up and clean up individual area.


The textbook website address is and can be accessed by following the log in instructions. 

A student's username is the letters NK.student id number. 
A student's password is CAPITAL Initial of First Name, Capital Initial of Last Name, and student id number. 

Example:        Student Name:    Bindi Aujla      Student ID: 1234567

                      Username:   NK.1234567
                      Password:    BA1234567



Please review this syllabus with your child, sign and return the attached sheet. If you have any questions and concerns, please call or email.


Thank you.

Bindi Aujla


I have read and understand Mrs. Aujla’s Math syllabus.


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