Math 8 Homework

Check here for current homework. These assignments should also be recorded on your individual assignment (stamp) sheet.

Students will not be issued a textbook but can access it online at

Username        NK.1234567     this a capital NK.with the 7 digit student number

Password         Tl1234567         First initial,last initial,student number (capital letters, no spaces)              

If you miss a day of school you are responsible for making up these

6-18-19  Cumulative Test Edits; must be done and turned in today if you want more credit

6-17-19  Cumulative Test

No homework, bell work, or test re-takes allowed after Friday, 6/14

6-12 to 6-14 Bungee Barbie Project; done in class

 6-11-19  Ch 8 Real World Connection p 373 1-4

6-10-19  Ch 8 Lessons 1-3 Review; p. 360 1-12 on regular graph paper

6-5-19  Ready to Go On? p. 272 1-10

6-4-19  Ch 6 Real World Connection; p. 287 

6-3-19  Pi Lab; done in class - no homework

5-31-19  Fraction Quiz

5-30-19  Fraction Project

5-29-19  Fraction Project

5-28-19  Fraction Review; p. 24 1-23 - no calculator & show work

5-24-19 p. 409 1-5 (Real World Connection) on lined paper