Parent Permission Form

Dear Parents:


Your child is enrolled in Kingston Middle School’s Technology Education program.  Technology education is part of the encore program and provides the student an opportunity to explore the technologies that are associated with the industrial fields of Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Power, Energy and Transportation.


Safety is a primary concern of the Technology Education program; therefore, the students receive general safety instruction and specific instruction in the proper use of power machines.  Students are not allowed to operate any power equipment that they have not received instructor’s approval to operate.  Before instruction in this equipment begins, your approval is necessary.  Students will be under close instructor supervision at all times and safety is stressed through out the course, however the school does not provide medical insurance in case of accidents.  This coverage should be provided under parent’s health insurance policies.  Information on this coverage was sent home with students at the beginning of school and is still available through the school’s main office.


Eye protection is required and provided during work sessions and when operating power tools.  Though the school does provide safety glasses, students are encouraged to get their own that way they don’t have to worry about other students using or scratching them.  These glasses may then be used around the house for projects students may do when the class is over.


You are welcome to visit the Technology Education Program at any time but please contact the office before you visit.  Since funding is always an issue we welcome donations.  If you think you have something that would be useful to our program please let me know.




Roger Coffman

Technology Instructor, 396-3478


I give my permission for                                              to use power equipment in the Technology Education lab at Kingston Middle School.



Parent’s Signature                                           Emergency Phone Number


I understand the need and reasons for safety in the shop and pledge to put my best efforts into following safety rules and procedures.  I understand that eye protection is required to work in the Technology Education lab areas.  I understand that I must receive instructor’s written permission before operating any power equipment.



Student’s Signature                                          Date