KMS Cross Country

Welcome to Kingston Middle School Cross Country. I look forward to seeing all of you in the Fall. Enjoy your summer and Run Happy!

Head Coach

Aaron Evan

Assistant Coach
Karla Manuguid

KMS Cross Country

  First Practice: Monday 29th @ 3:00
Once the school year starts practices will be everyday after school on days that school is in session.  Practices will start when school ends and parent pick-up is at 4:30.

Meet start time:     3:30 p.m.  
September 15  Jamboree at PMS - 1 mile course            
September 22  4-School Meet at KMS - 1.5 mile course             
September 29   4-School Meet at Cedar Heights - 1.5 mile course
October 6  4-School Meet at Ridgetop - 2 mile course
October 13  NKSD/Woodward Championships at Poulsbo - 2 mile course
October 21  League Championships at Battle Point Park - 2 mile course 

Getting Ready for a Successful Cross Country Season


Our goal is to be “running fit” by the first official day of the XC season. That means being a) injury-free, b) strong enough to absorb 5-day-a week workouts, and c) be able to run at least one mile without stopping.

1)  Start immediately and conservatively, within the limits of your current      fitness.

2)  Slowly add distance in an incremental way to your weekly total and long run.

3)  Be consistent, avoiding both layoffs of more than two days and runs that are too strenuous.

4)  Use off days for cross-training—biking, swimming, hiking, etc.

5)  Once a week take a full day’s rest. 


The Five Essentials:

1)   Good running shoes

2)   A water bottle

3)   A watch

4)   A small notebook to log your runs.

5)   A good attitude: patient positive persistent, self-starting and team-oriented.

Running Journal


Why Keep a Running Journal?

Everyone is different. It is important for you to know what training works best for you. Your journal will help you figure this out. As you look through your journal you will be able to see causes and effects. You will be able to determine how your fitness level has changed and what types of workouts are best for you. It even helps you to see that you are progressing towards your goals. Your journal will also help you determine the cause of some injuries (which will help keep you from making the same mistake).

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