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Mr. Jez Home Page- Welcome!

Select content area page from the left pane.  Science notes will be updated based on my whiteboard notes and an app for my phone.  Check the links on the Science Notes Page.

Science is changing at KMS- we are now using Amplify Science- students use their CLEVER login to access all materials

Homework: Daily Thought Directions

1. What did we do during science class today?
2. What SPECIFIC thing or things did you learn?
3. Make a connection to or form an opinion about your learning from today.



Daily Thoughts are required in the science notebooks.  This requirement can be met even while sick or on vacation.  Keep your eye out for science and then share. Make connections to what you learn. Upon your return, talk to a "study buddy" to get the missed notes.

National Science Standards Link:
Sick? Home-bound? Check the Sick page for instructions.