Advice for Success: former 6th graders

Sage advice from the survivors...

"take good notes, listen closely in class, and do their daily thoughts because it is a big part of your grade and it helps your tests.”


“ listen, copy the board into their notebooks, take notes, not to chew gum, and to work beyond Mr. Jez’s expectations.”


“I would tell incoming students that good notes are vital for surviving Mr. Jez. You should also laugh at his jokes even if they aren’t funny. J”


“science is tons of fun if you pay attention and participate like you are supposed to, and ask Mr. Jez about his splinter accident last year.”


“if you listen, you get better grades.”


“bring white chocolate for you, take good notes, and pay attention in class! Also don’t goof off and stay focused.”


“make sure they use their time wisely by taking lots of notes and paying attention. They should also make sure they are using and organizing their notebook by using the table of contents, formulas, and glossary. They should also do their daily thought every night for their notebook checks.”


“The advice that I would give to an incoming person that goes into this class is always take notes in your science notebook, take daily thoughts, always study for tests, don’t leave anything in the classroom unless you want to sing, don’t touch scientific equipment unless directed to do so, and don’t fall asleep.”


“they need to take notes all the time and also do the daily thoughts EVERY night. Also the really little things in this class are or can be some of the most important. Always pay attention!”


“Just relax and try your best.”


“I would say ‘Be careful what you do and don’t forget to take notes or write a daily thought’ and ‘Think…… then act.’”


“What I would say to an incoming student is to pay attention in class, participate in the lab work, be safe so you can work on the labs because they are fun, and most of all take good notes!”


“you need to study for tests and exams and do your daily thoughts.”


“Try hard, do your work, put out effort, and you will do excellent.”


“take notes BIG TIME, bring him white chocolate, and always pay attention. Don’t chew gum or smarties!”


“Study more, pay more attention in class, don’t talk, don’t be disruptive so you can learn, and take lots of notes.”


“Pay attention and don’t believe Mr. Jez when he says he did the stuff in the pictures.”


“Listen, don’t talk back, write pretty much everything, shake his hand, and don’t loose anything unless you want to sing.”


“TAKE NOTES!!! If you don’t then you will fail all of your tests and quizzes. You will also fail you notebook checks, which will make you fail science.”


“make sure you take notes and do your daily thoughts.”


“Try your hardest on all the experiments and quizzes. Take notes everyday! Do your daily reflections. Don’t chew gum and have a good attitude towards science!




“Really, really, really… study! And don’t chew gum!”


“Necessary to study!! And do your daily thoughts. They really are both helpful in the long run!!”


“Take lots of notes and pay attention in class! Also to make sure you write your daily thoughts everyday! Also keep your science notebook neat and organized!”


  • “Don’t chew gum
  • Always take notes
  • Study before tests
  • Do all in your science notebook
  • Always be ready to learn and do to a test”


“Always do your daily thoughts, always listen to Mr. Jez, don’t mess around, have fun, always do the experiment, and study for the tests.”


“I would say that you will love this class because you learn so much and that Mr. Jez is the best teacher ever! But he makes it tough. You will have to study a lot. But if you know what you are doing, it will be easy.”


“do the daily thoughts and stay on task.”


“pay attention and take notes.”


“Take notes and daily thoughts help a lot because never know when there will be a notebook check. Always have backup pencils.”


“it is a good idea to take down notes and to record definitions in your glossary. Also listen when he repeats things, it’ probably important.”


“Study hard and don’t slack off.”


“Study more than you think you need to.”


“Always study for the test because most people who don’t, got a bad grade.”


“pay attention, study for the tests, and try hard.”


“STUDY! Because that is all you need to do for Mr. Jez’s class!


“no matter what, always be prepared for a quiz and your daily thoughts.
If he says anything more than three times it is going to be on the quiz, otherwise just sit back and have a good 6th grade year. Oh! And don’t chew gum or else you will have major gum duty if you get caught.”


“USE THE TABLE OF CONTENTS! Plus the glossary because it just helps organize your journal and it helps you do better on quizzes.”


“you should study a lot for your quizzes because they count for a lot of your grade an incoming student.”


“watch their backs at all time. Mr. Jez can be…. Dangerous. I also would advise them to wear coats as he keeps the back door open year-round. But the most importantly, study hard and prepare yourself before the tests.