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 When home, please save completed work to your "Office 365 OneDrive for Business"
Our daily work involves following the creation of various Microsoft Office files. Each student is assigned a computer workstation and given a daily task.  Due to the varied skills of students, the pacing seems slow for some and too fast for others.  Please seek help when needed.  If more time is required, some work can be completed at home or core extension time.  If work is finished early, Jasperactive lessons, Imagine Academy tutorials, or just working ahead is encouraged. 
Homework is not assigned.  All assignments are designed to be completed within the class period. Work from home is encouraged if a student is not finishing in the class period or absent from class.

Extra Credit?:  No, just work hard and keep up. Use the above links and resources to help.   ***Completing the Jasperactive Tutorials is a great stride towards certification and success***
Last Modified on August 31, 2015