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Dinner conversations:What is elastic force (does it do more than keep your socks up)?What is your mass on earth?What is your mass on the moon? How do surface type, weight, and area affect frictional forces? How can you be rich, famous, and have your name spoken of frequently?

Previously: Forces & Motion 1.1-1.6 Circuit of Inquiries
Now:FM4: The Force of Force of Friction (quiz after this!)
Next: FM 5: Magnetic Forces, FM 6: The Earth's Magnetic Force, FM 7: Rolling Along
END OF UNIT EXAM (lessons 1-7)
Reading for Energy Unit: Galileo and Experimental Science, The difference between Mass & Weight, Hooke and Newton: Geniuses at Work, Bungee Jumping: The Forces Are With You, , Nature Puts on the Brakes, The Unique Properties of Lodestone,Earth's Magnetic Personality,Coasting to Pluto, Physics on Ice, Civil Engineering: Bridge to the Future, Propellers: Vehicles in Motion, Sailing through the solar system, Medieval Warfare in Modern Times, Rockets Science 101, Potential & Kinetic Energy, Roller Coasters: Twists, Turns, & Loops, Isaac Newton Goes Skiing, Cars: Energy to Burn
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Homework: Daily Thought

Science notebooks are a large part of this class. Please investigate the provided materials on the homework/classwork page to learn more.
DailyThoughts are required in the science notebooks. This requirement can be met even while sick oron vacation. Keep your eye out for science and then share. Make connections to what you learn. Upon your return, talk to a "study buddy" to get the missed notes.

Sick? Home-bound? Check out the Sick page for instructions.

March-I'll finish this later...
3rd- National Pancake Day
7th- Sock Monkey Day
9th- Napping Day (after daylight savings day)
16th- No Selfies Day
28th- Be Mad Day
Pancake Day
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