Book Trailer Project

Book Trailer Assignment
Step 1 - Complete SWBST (summary strategy) - print HERE
Step 2 - Get approval on your SWBST and pick up a Story Board - print HERE.
Step 2 - Complete Story Board - most of this will come straight from your SWBST (see above).  The "Notes" should include details of WHAT you plan to write and IDEAS of the type of IMAGES that would work best. 
Step 3 - Get approval on your Story Board and pick up a login card for 
Step 3 - Use to create a book trailer.  Detailed steps are listed below.
Here's one example of a good book trailer - Fault in Our Stars (student-created).  It does not follow your format exactly, but includes many of the same features.

Steps for starting your video book trailer:

1.  Get a login card from Mrs. Schuchart.
2.  Sign your name/student number on the login sheet that matches your login number.
3.  Go to - click HERE for a quick link.
4.  Login (you are NOT a new user).
5.  Other students will share this number - you may only look at your own assignment.  Please understand if you look at or alter any other student's project, you risk earning a "0" and face further consequences.
6.   Click CREATE to make a new book trailer.
7.  Choose a style - don't just go with the featured ones - first look through ALL (or Education) to find one that fits your book.  This style will be the background for each slide.  (Hint - if it says UPGRADE, we can't use it for free.  Pick one that says CREATE VIDEO.)
8.   Much of the program is drag and drop.  Play around.  Ask for help.
9.  Use your STORY BOARD paper to organize and layout your project, slide by slide.  
10.  EDIT your writing.  Capitals, periods, spelling.....all of this counts! 
11.  If you do not choose stock Animoto or copyright free images/music, you MUST cite your sources (give credit to the person who deserves credit).
  • Create all your text slides first and make sure they are exactly how you want them to be.
  • Create your image slides last.  You can drag and drop your image slides where they need to go later on.
  • Preview your video to make sure it looks how you want it to look.
  • Check Animoto's images and video clips first.  Some of these may work for what you want.
  • If you use Google Images (or any other non-Animoto source), make sure you are using images that are free of copyright restrictions. 
                  Safest copyright option:
  Search your image
                  Click on Search Tools
                  Click on Usage Rights
                  Click on Labeled for noncommercial reuse
  • When you find the image you want, open it and then right-click to save it to your student file (the one with your student number).
  • JPEG files work well.

Here are a few sites you can check: 

Plan to use the Animoto music clips.  I know this may not be exactly what you want, but it will be difficult for you to avoid breaking copyright laws.

Free Music Archive is one option you can check.

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