Club Advisor
Mrs. Foreman

Purpose of the Club

Welcome to Kingston Middle School! Our ongoing theme is the "ART of being a Cav," where ART stands for Ambitious, Responsible, and Thoughtful.

Leadership begins with Will, our unique ability to align our intentions with our actions and choose our behavior. With the proper will, we can choose love, the verb about identifying and meeting the legitimate needs, not wants, of those we lead. When we meet the needs of others, we will, by definition, be called upon to serve and even sacrifice for others. When we serve and sacrifice for others, we build authority or influence. When we build authority with people, we have earned the right to be called a leader (from the Servant by James C. Hunter).

The ASB officers of Kingston Middle School will keep the above in mind as they plan school and service projects to help our school and community. They will focus on being Ambitious, Responsible, and Thoughtful in making their school and community a great place to live and learn. They will encourage students and staff to "Be a Star" by practicing ART.

Our Kingston Middle School ASB Advisor is Cheryl Foreman. We truly appreciate all her time and hard work!