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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center at Kingston Middle School serves as an essential resource for our students, facilitating their journey through the middle school years with empathy and resilience. Upholding our core principles of being kind, making progress, and being safe, the Center is devoted to building an environment where every student feels supported and inspired to achieve their potential.

At the heart of our Center are our dedicated counselors, Stephanie Robinson and Jenica Schieb. With their extensive experience and understanding, they provide a spectrum of crucial services ranging from academic guidance and emotional counseling to conflict resolution and planning for future educational and career pathways. They're not just addressing immediate concerns, but equipping our students with the skills and strategies to confidently tackle future challenges.

Joining them is Christina Dean, our diligent Counseling Support/Registrar. Her role is key in coordinating seamless interactions between students, parents, and staff, ensuring that every student's unique needs are promptly and effectively met. Together, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Schieb, and Mrs. Dean make our Counseling Center a refuge for students to seek advice, voice concerns, and thrive in their middle school journey. Their collective efforts make the Center a true embodiment of our school motto: "Be Kind, Make Progress, Be Safe".

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Contact Us

Kingston Middle School Counseling Center
9000 NE West Kingston Road
Kingston, WA 98346
(360) 396-3435
Fax: (360) 396-3948

Stephanie Robinson
Counselor (Students A - L)
(360) 396-3437

Jenica Schieb
Counselor (Students M - Z)
(360) 396-3434

Christina Dean
KMS Counseling Support/Registrar
(360) 396-3435

KMS Counseling Hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 8 am - 2 pm
Wednesday: 8 am - 1 pm