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School Spirit

Unleashing Cavalier Pride: The Spirit of Kingston Middle School

At Kingston Middle School, school spirit is a shared sentiment that forms the foundation of our community. More than just an emotion, it is a spirit that lives and breathes within our classrooms, hallways, sports fields, and beyond. It shapes the very core of our identity, defining us not just as a school, but as a family of Cavaliers united by common values and aspirations.

School spirit at KMS is visible in various forms. You see it in the unwavering determination of our student-athletes, the creative flair of our budding artists, the intellectual curiosity of our scholars, and the empathetic service of our community volunteers. You hear it in the morning announcements, the cheering at sporting events, and the applause for performances. You feel it in the shared moments of success, the collective spirit of resilience in the face of challenges, and the profound sense of belonging that is fostered within these walls.

School spirit at KMS is also mirrored in the dedication of our educators and administrators. They strive to foster an environment where each student is encouraged to reach their fullest potential. This relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in the continual growth of our students and the innovative programs they implement to ensure the highest standards of learning.

Our school pride extends beyond academics and co-curricular activities. It's in our commitment to creating an inclusive and respectful environment where every student feels safe, heard, and valued. Our students are taught the importance of respecting differences and embracing diversity, fostering a school culture that celebrates individuality while promoting unity.

This is the spirit of Kingston Middle School. It's the pride we take in wearing our school colors, the confidence we have in our abilities, and the respect we have for one another. As Cavaliers, we stand united in our mission to "Be Kind, Make Progress, Be Safe." And as we continue to grow and achieve together, our school pride continues to shine brighter, instilling in each of us a lifelong love for learning, a commitment to service, and a sense of community that extends far beyond our middle school years.